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 . . These weapons are not pre-set; You will find that each weapon has a unique set of balance parameters, and you need to use a combination of this weapons to build your own unique loadout. Certain loadouts may have a higher damage output, or a higher price. Some loadouts can be used at all distances, some at close, middle and long-range. Each loadout has a default weapon, and some weapons have two variants. A weapons default variant is the normal loaded weapon, a secondary variant is the secondary loaded weapon, which is used only if the primary weapon overheats or runs out of ammunition. The price at which you buy weapons and secondary weapons does not change the damage output or rate of fire, only the price of the weapon. Some weapon variants have higher drop rates than normal weapons. Some weapons may have a high rate of fire, some may be lower. Some weapons may have different magazine sizes. Some weapons may be able to be used as a sniper rifle, or a heavy weapon, some as a primary and some as a secondary. It is recommended that you experiment with the default loadout before moving to the secondary loadouts. The default loadout is the first loadout (loadout in head) that you find in the game. The second loadout is the secondary loadout that you find in the loadouts menu. There are also variants of the default loadout, these variants have their own set of balance parameters that are specific to them, and you can find these variants in the loadouts menu. Some of these weapons are for single-player, some are for multiplayer, and some are for both. When a weapon is selected, the weapon that is fired will show as red above the cursor. Single Player Weapons These weapons can only be used with the standard game, or the demo. A weapons damage output and rate of fire is displayed on the right of the weapon (The dropdown box). The left of the weapon shows the type of weapon, it can be a pistol or rifle. Multiplayer Weapons These weapons can only be used in multiplaye games, these weapons have a default damage output and rate of fire, and a default weapon. It is also possible to add custom attributes to these weapons to change the balance parameters of the weapons. Gameplay Options These options will alter the gameplay of a weapon, and some weapons may have more options than others. Stick The stick is an




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HalfLife2DeathmatchAddonVENGEANCEfreedownload delaber

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