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Lunch Break Therapy 


A psychologically informed online program for people who don't want to go to therapy, but would like a light and playful, yet deep dive, into what therapy might be like (this is fun, but still challenging work).

After a couple of decades as a licensed psychotherapist, I have realized that there's an obvious need for mental health options that don't cost an arm and a leg. So many people have contacted me for therapy services, but never followed through because of the high price. With this in mind, I have created Lunch Break Therapy, a high quality, low cost online course to help people move from struggling and suffering to well being. 


LBT was created for people who don't want to pay the high price of therapy, but do want to learn skills and practices to improve their life. This course was designed to have enough depth and substance to benefit everyone, including those who have experience with therapy or those who want to supplement their current therapy with new and dynamic knowledge and practices. 

This is an online course created for your convenience. You can do it anytime, anywhere. Just pop on your headphones and enjoy the challenge. 


Created and Hosted by Robert Oleskevich, Licensed Psychotherapist, Author, and Mental Health Nerd. 

Are you curious about therapy? Maybe you feel stuck, uncertain, or confused? Have difficult feelings, anxiety, or troubling thoughts? Are your relationships suffering, but you don't want to spend a fortune to get help? You want personal growth, but you don't want therapy or 'need therapy' to see real results? 

By NOT investing in yourself, you are already paying a high price: continuing to struggle with no direction for feeling better, no path to personal growth, and no road-map to master your mind and your relationships.


For less than the price of one actual therapy session, you can learn a ton about yourself, just by listening to a module while you eat your lunch.


Keep reading to learn more about Lunch Break Therapy:

As a licensed psychotherapist for over two decades, I often hear people say:

  • "I'm curious about my mental health, but I never really do anything about it."

  • "I've thought about going to therapy, but never pulled the trigger."

  • "I want help with mindfulness, anxiety, relationships, etc, but I don't think therapy is necessary."

  • "I'd like to understand understand myself better, but I don't know where to begin."

  • "Therapy is expensive, I can't afford it."

  • "I don't have the time to see a therapist."

  • "Only people with serious problems need therapy."

  • "I would feel intimidated or be too nervous to go to therapy."

  • "What am I doing wrong?"

What if you could finally see what therapy is all about, without actually trying? Not only that, but get the benefits of therapy and avoid paying that high price?

Well, I've got great news for you.. YOU CAN!


With Lunch Break Therapy, you can help yourself, without going to therapy, & without paying that expensive rate.

Lunch Break Therapy is a 10 module online course, with two free bonus modules. It can be done at your convenience (anytime), and is created for people who:

  • Have thought about going to therapy but never pulled the trigger.

  • Wanted therapy but found it to be too expensive.

  • Went to therapy but didn't get the results.

  • Have been to therapy and could use a refresher.

  • Simply curious what therapy is all about.

  • Therapists who could use a new lens with which to view some of their client's issues.

  • Live in an Asian country (like Vietnam) where therapy really isn't a 'thing' yet. 



Keep scrolling or click this arrow    to see what each module consists of.

If you can't make it to therapy at this time, but want to finally learn those strategies and tips that lead to insights, growth, improved relationships, and increased confidence, this is the course for you. Instead of putting it off, you can finally invest in yourself, without breaking the bank.

This online course packs a powerful punch. There's a lot to it, so keep scrolling down to learn more about what's included. 

Launched on July 1st, 2020

Robert Oleskevich, M.A., LMFT, is a Licensed Psychotherapist and creator of Lunch Break Therapy, and has been featured in:



Crystal Reed

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"I was an administrator at the school in which Rob worked for several years. There were half a dozen counselors available but whenever Rob was assigned to a student, I knew that teen would be in the absolute best hands that we had to offer. He never faltered in his devotion to the growth of the student, combining nurturing support with an emphasis on developing increased self-efficacy and personal responsibility. I cannot recommend Rob highly enough if you are looking for a therapist for either an adult or an adolescent." -Crystal Hope Reed, Los Angeles


Jonah Yslas

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"A lot of people, therapists or otherwise, throughout my life have tried to help me. Rob is the first who helped me realize how to help myself." -Jonah Yslas (client)


Bonnie  J. Aharoni, M.A.

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I had the pleasure of working with Rob where he was a counselor for adolescents, many with social and emotional challenges. Rob approached each student with compassion and respect for them as individuals. He was attuned to each student’s needs, building trusting relationships while guiding them to develop self-awareness and coping skills. 
Rob brought empathy, as well as rare insight and wisdom, which contributed to him being a very effective counselor.
Bonnie J. Aharoni, M.A.

Order Lunch Break Therapy Today


Launches July 1st, 2020

Although this course is not a therapy substitute for people with serious mental health issues that would be better served by seeking professional help...


It is totally possible to use this course to heal, grow, and improve your relationships.

This Course Will Help You: 

  • Learn psycho-education on the nervous system and the huge role the body and nervous system play when it comes to mental health and emotional well being.

  • Know how to get grounded and stay centered during challenging/intense moments.

  • Gain self-esteem, confidence, and better knowledge of yourself.

  • Get practical tools to help you manage conflict & get along better with your partner.

  • Learn how to manage Impostor Syndrome/The Basic Fault (feeling like a fraud).

  • Befriend and handle anxiety and stress.

  • Acquire practical skills and tools for romance/relationships.

  • Understand your loneliness and know how to relate to it differently.

  • Learn to be vulnerable (instead of always protecting yourself from pain).

  • Get guidance on your spiritual journey.

  • Learn to master your mind instead of your mind owning you.

  • Have easy to understood tools to use for powerful feelings like fear.

  • Learn the difference between pain vs. suffering, & how to carry your pain with nobility.

  • Understand how the Existential 4 Ultimate Concerns are impacting your behaviors.

Many people are blind to an area that if they could actually identify, and then work on, they would begin to feel significantly better about themselves and others. 

Similarly, some people know of that one area in their life, or in themselves, they would love to improve, but they just don't have the tools and skills to address it effectively. 

With LBT, you can identify areas that need work, and then learn to master those parts of you.

To get some insight into Robert, the creator of LBT, and how his own personal challenges impacted his learning and ultimately, the creation of this course, click here for some personal stories: 


Module 1 

Nervous System Health.

More than ever before, we now understand just how significant the mind-body connection really is. If you don't understand the impact that the body and nervous system have on your mental health, then you are just spinning your wheels when you go see the doctor or therapist. If your mental health awareness doesn't entail a concrete understanding of nervous system regulation, then it is incomplete. Anxiety, depression, physical illness, and other issues are now known to be symptoms of nervous system dys-regulation, as a result of past traumas, attachment wounds, and other adverse experiences. This Module is an introduction to the Nervous System, and the direct impact it has on your emotional well being and mental health. In other words, it may very well change your life. 

Module 2

Finding Your Sweet Spot

Finding your sweet spot means knowing how to stay grounded and centered, even when you are in the midst of conflict or difficulty.  Learning basic meditation and simple mindfulness practices are vital tools that will help you respond to yourself and others with wisdom and skill, instead of react impulsively or aggressively. You can learn how to notice thoughts and feelings instead of being swept away by them. This is the first step to mastering your mind and emotions.

*This module has recently been replaced with a simple, guided meditation. This is a no-frills, minimal guidance meditation to help cultivate the necessary skill of learning to work with thoughts and feelings in healthy ways. 

Module 3

Anxiety Is Not Your Fault

This module will address something we are all familiar with: Anxiety! It's such a pain in the ass! For many people, a life without anxiety would mean they could finally start living!

This class is informed by renowned psychologist Dan Siegel, who is well known for his easy-to-understand descriptions of what anxiety actually is (and is not), and how it's the nervous system's way of protecting you. Instead of trying to get rid of anxiety, this module will teach you how to befriend it, and relate to it in completely new ways. The strength and power of anxiety can be taken away when we learn new tools to handle it.

Module Anchor

Module 4 

The 4 Ultimate Concerns

This class will kick your ass (in a good way). This module is informed by Irvin Yalom, and the existential psychotherapists who propose that there are 4 Ultimate Concerns all humans must reckon with in order to live life to its fullest. These concerns can be easy to avoid, because on the surface, they can be a bit unpleasant to think about. However, when one courageously looks at these concerns, new ways of relating to one's self and others are discovered. This leads to living a vibrant, full, tender, and grateful life. 

Module 5

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)

Do you know the difference between pain and suffering? You may have heard 'pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.' In this class, you will not only learn what this means, but you will discover tools that will help you alleviate your self-generated suffering. This module will guide you through a brief version of John Kabat-Zinn's world renowned program, MBSR, which is known for helping people who struggle with physical pain and unhelpful thoughts. MBSR might totally change your life. 


Module 6

Using RAIN to Handle Difficult Feelings

Tara Brach wrote the book Radical Acceptance, which has been life-changing for many people around the world. This module takes bits and pieces of Tara's wisdom, including how to use the acronym RAIN to handle and process difficult feelings and emotions, like fear. This class is ideal for people who struggle with frustration tolerance (easily annoyed), and anger management (quick to become upset). It's also ideal for anyone who deals with fear (all of us)! When you become a master at dealing with your most challenging feelings, you have forever changed your life for the better. 


Module 7 

Carrying Your Pain With Nobility

This module is inspired by Phillip Moffitt's book Dancing With Life on how we can carry our suffering with nobility. The Buddha talked about the simple truth that nobody gets to escape pain: relationships end, we lose loved ones, we don't get what we want, and we do get what we don't want. Life entails pain. When we can experience our pain, knowing that it's a normal part of the human experience, without needing to fix it or be critical of it (or ourselves), we are learning how to be human, and how to better manage our difficulties (and difficult emotions). This class will help you gain insights into how you deal with pain. Is it ok to be sad/angry? Is it ok to be confused or afraid? You will learn how to relate to difficult moments with compassion, rather than with aversion.

Module 8

Relationship Check-Up

A module based on the legendary John Gottman, who is a relationship guru and infamous couples counselor and researcher on what makes relationships work. We will look at Gottman's 4 Horsemen, which are the 4 types of conflict that can end a relationship fast if they don't get fixed. You will learn how to manage conflict more effectively. You will gain tools to engage with your partner in a more understanding and compassionate mode that makes them feel heard and respected. A healthy relationship is one that cultivates an atmosphere of understanding, compassion, and respect. This module will get you on the right track to understanding your relationship better, knowing what needs fixed, and how to fix it. You will thank me later!

Module 9

Vulnerability, Equanimity, & Authenticity

Inspired by Brenee Brown, this module is amazing, because you will learn how to reconnect with the vulnerable, tender part of you that is often felt to be a weakness. We know that vulnerability takes courage and is essential for intimacy. This modules is all about learning to be who you really are, not who you think you should be! Matthew Brensilver also shares beautiful thoughts on equanimity, and we'll learn 3 little nuggets for more authentic relationships. If you were taught that tears are a weakness, or it's not ok to be who you really are, then this class is for you, my friend. 

Module 10 

Impostor Syndrome!

This Module will open you up to freedom. This class will guide you on how to notice that common voice that we all are familiar with: 'I'm not good enough, I'm faking it and someone is going to see the real me soon. It looks like I'm successful but deep down I feel like a fraud.' This is the voice that claims you're an impostor and you don't belong or deserve the success that you desire or have already achieved. You will learn tools to help you see the impostor voice for what it really is - doubt. You will then learn handy tools and skills to deal with the impostor syndrome effectively and be less convinced by it. Get ready to feel that self-worth and self-confidence, and continue to master your domain. 

Bonus Module 1


Pema Chodron is the inspiration for this class. She has a unique and wonderful take on loneliness that is truly a game-changer. Instead of being so averse to feeling lonely and wishing it would go away and stay away, you have another choice. Often, we make a lot of decisions that we later come to regret. We may do so for one reason - we don't want to be alone, and we make choice that we think will get rid of that lonely feeling, even if those choices aren't in our best interests. In this module, you will learn a completely new way to relate to loneliness. Imagine, never needing to avoid loneliness again, and knowing how to relate to it in ways that serve your growth and evolution.

Bonus Module 2

Know Yourself.

Having the humility to know that you don't know yourself (or at least not as well as you thought) opens you up for growth and transformation. This module takes you through a series of questions and reflections about yourself, breaking down the sometimes fragile ego, which often seeks to keep you from facing your fears and living up to your truest potential.  Sprinkled into this module are tidbits from the legendary psychologist and professor Jordan Peterson. Prepare to go on an adventure that will forever change you.

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